Packaging plays a vital role in establishing the brand identity of any product in an impactful manner. In confectionary terms, twist wrapping paper is the most sought after packaging material which is demanded across the world. There are many advantages of

twist wrap

over other means of packaging making it the most favorable packaging option for many food and related items. Its major advantage lies in the fact that it can be easily unwrapped to consume any confectionary item like toffees or candy bars.

S.P Enterprises is a professional organization offering flexible packaging solutions to its customers with quality twist wrap packaging solutions. The company provides end to end packaging and wrapping solutions to its clients based in India and abroad. Our twist wrapping paper is manufactured using reliable technology at our state of the art facility where ample research is done to produce the finest quality of twist wrap packaging material.

S.P Enterprises ensures high technical performance so that a wide range of twist wrap machineries can run on them. The performance of twist wrapping paper manufactured from our factories is simply outstanding as they impart three times more twist performance in comparison to others.

Some of the salient features of  twist wrap paper offered by S.P Enterprises have following features:

  • Wide range of twist wraps available in variety of colors
  • High speed packaging performance
  • Excellent stretch characteristics
  • Superior strength
  • Stands up to demanding packaging situations
  • 8-color printing capabilities, ideal for the most sophisticated design requirements
  • Variety of opacity levels meet appearance and value requirements
  • Anti-static
  • Release characteristics can be customized according to the type of candy being wrapped