Spices Packaging

Spices Packaging

Spices are an integral part of the Indian culture. Every cuisine, from North to South contains variety of spices. They not only add color to our dishes but also add much needed flavor in them. Most Indian spices contain medical benefits, which when consumed provide relief from various ailments. There are few states in India which primarily export spices and during their export or transportation there are always issues related to wastage, this can be prevented by using quality packaging paper. Some of the commonly used spices packaging laminates are as follows:

  • Polyester/Metalized Polyester/LDPE
  • BOPP/Metalized Polyester/LDPE
  • Polyester/Al Foil/LDPE

Generally, Polyester and BoPP laminates are popularly used for spices packaging due to its advantages.

Polyester films are glossy, highly transparent and are easy for printing hence they enhance the sales appeal of the spices. Moreover, the film cuts out the contact of moisture from the actual content which enhances the shelf life of the spices. Their strength, durability and resistance from extreme temperatures make them a desired commodity among retailers and wholesalers alike.

S.P Enterprises is a spices packaging company which offers affordable, qualitative and end to end packaging solutions to its clients. S.P Enterprises has set high quality benchmarks for all packaging paper that it manufactures. The spices packaging solutions provided by us are very easy to customize. The vital link in spices packaging is the performance of the pouch and its seal integrity. Since, we source raw material from reputed vendors, all our products exhibit the same quality and integrity. We have incorporated a fully developed manufacturing facility having a separate R&D center where our team of professionals helps us in manufacturing world class packaging solutions to cater our reputed clientele.

We have in place a team of quality inspectors, who take care of all the quality aspects involved in spices packaging material so that they do not lose their aroma, color and flavor even after years of storage or during transportation. Being a professionally managed spices packaging company, we ensure that we make use of green & clean technology and material which makes it easy for the printers to print desired marketing creative on the packs.