Soap Detergent Packaging

Soap Detergent Packaging

Being leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of

soap packaging

, detergent packaging and soap wrappers, our range of flexible packaging solutions are preferred for their unmatched quality and unbeatable price. Since, soaps and detergents are chemically prepared they need to be packed in good quality packaging paper for proper handling during transportation and also to protect the consumer from coming into direct contact with strong substances that are there in soaps and detergents. Therefore people rely on us for quality and timely delivery of the same.
Moreover, Soap wrappers,

detergent packaging

or soap packaging papers are widely used for marketing purposes as well. The ingredients from which they are manufactured are mentioned on the wrapper; in addition packaging plays a vital role in the branding and promotion of a particular product. Hence, attractive and alluring packaging goes a long way in ensuring an increase in sales, no wonder you need us in all your business endeavors.

We offer customized packaging solutions to our clients, which includes 77gsm & 95gsm paper along with high speed packaging lines. Our manufacturing units can even churn out lightweight wrappers maintaining the same gloss, lay flatness etc. We ensure our manufacturing lines are regularly monitored, controlled and regulated for maximum accuracy and consistency in printing so that wastage is kept to bare minimum and no compromise is done on quality.

Our hot melt coating and mold inhibitor converting process is specifically designed to manufacture soap wrappers. At S.P Enterprises, we are obsessed with quality and commitment towards our clients; hence we follow all international protocols and standards so that we can deliver best in line products matching world benchmarks. We have incorporated quality inspectors at our manufacturing facility to conduct extensive research and quality inspection on soap packaging & detergent packaging wrappers. All these features make us stand in good stead amongst our clients.

Few salient features of soap packaging & detergent packaging are as follows:

  • Anti-Fungus Paper
  • Anti-Mold Treatment
  • Paper & Plastic Base Wrappers
  • Designed for High-Speed Machines
  • Roll Width: Up to 100 cm
  • Roll Outer Diameter: Up to 80 cm
  • Core Inner Diameter: 70, 76, 152 cm & Other
  • Roto-Printing:  Up to 8 Colors