The quality of a reamwrap paper (a ream of cut size paper) is determined by the quality of raw material which is used in the manufacturing process. The packaging has to be alluring if it has to stand out in retail displays, moreover it should be easy to identify and relate to. These requirements have lead to the use of filmic overwrap (reverse printed PET laminated with paper) rather than traditional paper poly wrapping.

S.P Enterprises is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of filmic wrap. We have been in the business of packaging since three decades and are providing quality solutions to our customers. Since, we adopt environment friendly practices in our manufacturing processes, our products can be recycled easily and that leads to hardly any burden on environment.

Reamwrap solutions offered by SPE Films provide many advantages to the paper supply chain:

  • Faster & reliable packaging line performance
  • Protection from moisture and risk of puncture
  • Maximizes shelf life and appeal
  • See through packaging to distinguish color shades

Shelf Appeal

  • Gloss to maximize visual impact
  • Ease of printing
  • Exceptional optical properties    


  • Outstanding sealing integrity
  • High speed packaging
  • Balanced orientation for easy & clean cutting
  • Achieves high efficiency


  • Impact resistance for transit protection
  • Prevents moisture ingress and etc.