Snack Food Packaging

Snack Food Packaging

Snacking is the favorite past time for most of us, as people love to binge on their favorite snack item, whenever they feel hungry or need something light to consume. There is one thing that people like the most about snacks, that most of the snack items have a crispy tinge added to their taste. The crispiness in snacks remains intact for a longer time, if they are packed in quality packaging material. The material, in which the snacks are to be packed, should also preserve the original aroma, taste and color of the snack items, and all these qualities can only be preserved for a relatively longer time, if you make use of high grade packaging material.

S.P. Enterprises is a reputable snack food packaging company, having over three decades of experience in manufacturing and exporting top class food and beverages packaging materials for FMCG and other related industries. There are many exceptional qualities and features, which make S.P. Enterprises the leading snack food packaging company in India. Some of the outstanding features of our packaging materials are:

  • Greaseproof – Grease-proofing of our materials prevents wrappers from getting stained or smudged with colors, while printing.
  • High Strength – Our packing laminates are durable and they possess high strength to withstand any pressure exerted on them, to prevent vacuum and gas flushing.
  • Easy Printability – Printing can easily be done on our food and beverage packaging materials and these materials come in diverse colors, in accordance to the latest trend prevailing in the market.
  • Seal Integrity – We ensure that our products provide for perfect seal integrity, so that the products packed in them don’t get spoiled, due to moisture and other external impurities. Moreover, our products have tremendous capabilities to prevent any kind of leakage.
  • Longer Shelf life – Shelf life of the products manufactured at our facility is longer than the other similar materials available in market.
  • Quality Raw Material – We have remained in top names of packaging industry because our clients have infallible belief in us, as we manufacture top class products by using best quality raw materials and we also offer these products at the most affordable prices.
  • Marketability – The quality of our packaging solutions provides us an edge over the rivals. In totality, we can say that we are one stop shop for all your snack packaging needs.

Few technical structures offered by S.P. Enterprises, in India, are:

  • BOPP / Polyester / LDPE
  • Metalized Polyester / LDPE
  • BOPP / Metalized Polyester / LDPE
  • Polyester / LDPE
  • Polyester / Al foil / LDPE (The sealant layer could also be LLDPE or cast PP)

Other structures that are supplied in European and American markets, for food and beverages packaging, are:

  • Sulfite paper / OPP branded snack food in flexible plastic pouches
  • Co-extruded HDPE
  • Oriented Polypropylene Films (uncoated, coated, co-extruded)
  • LDPE / EVA films
  • HDPE / EVA ionomer seal layer
  • OPP / PE / metalized heat sealable OPP