Ready-To cook Food

Ready-To cook Food

Normally, ready to cook food such as cake mix, gulab jamun mix, icecream mix, jelly mix and etc. contain fat and other ingredients which when come into contact with oxygen start to degrade in quality, become distasteful, colorless, off flavor and causes rancidity. All these properties of ready to cook food make them highly venerable to oxygen and fat, thus a quality packaging solution must address all these properties so that these RTC foods are fit to consume for an extended period of time. S .P Enterprises provides its customers, world class packaging solutions for ready to cook food which hinder high oxygen permeability.

Moreover, a variety of RTC food contains edible oil followed by fat which when combine form grease like substance. Our packaging laminates like Polyester films, cellophane, polypropylene etc. perfectly counter these problems in food. Additionally, our array of packaging laminates has multiple capabilities like moisture resistance and low gas permeability. Permission to light is strictly prohibited in our packaging as it again helps in increasing the shelf life of the original product.

Based on their major ingredients, the ready to cook mixes can be categorized into four groups:

Cereal Based

The range of cereal based mixes contains Idli, chakli etc. which are quite sensitive to moisture and if it reaches a certain level above normal, the content becomes soft and unfit to consume. Thus, cereal based mixes usually are packed in Polyolefin plastic pouches so that they are provided with 3-4 months of shelf life.

Legumes Based:

Though they have almost same requirements as that of cereal based mixes, but have lower permissible moisture pickup hence, they require quality packaging material having good water vapor impermeability.

Fat Rich

These mixes have rich fat content and are susceptible to rancidity, oxygen and water vapor. Though simple CPP Pouches are known to have relatively shorter life but in order to provide longer life LDPE or HD-LDPE packs are used. We offer a range of fat rich mixes to our clients and some of the packaging products we provide under this category are noodles packaging, macaroni packaging, ice cream packaging, jelly packaging etc.

Spice Enriched Mixes

Spice enriched mixes like sambhar, soup, bisibele bath etc. are very vulnerable to aroma loss, deterioration and seepage of oil therefore, we ensure providing our customers with cellophane/PE, plain or metalized PET/PE, and co-extruded films with polyamide core layer.

Having set these high standards, we have a team of quality controllers who check each and every product before they are delivered to our clients, so that quality is maintained throughout, no wonder we have carved a niche for ourselves in this packed packaging market.