Pickles Packaging

Pickles Packaging

Various fruits or vegetables, when combined together with additional elements, like vinegar, salt, sugar, oil and other spices, in a particularly defined process, makes for a tasty and delicious food product known as pickle. The presence of all the aforesaid ingredients makes pickle highly acidic in nature. That’s why, it is required to pack pickles in quality packaging material, which can easily withstand acid and prevent oil from leaking out. S.P. Enterprises, a leading pickles packaging company in India, is definitely the right choice to meet all the above mentioned requirements to pack pickles. We offer quality packaging solutions, which don’t allow pickles to lose their aroma and taste, and which also prevent pickles from spoilage due to acidity or microbial contamination.

Being a reputed pickles packaging company, we lay a lot of emphasis on quality of our packaging materials. We always ensure that the packaging material, we manufacture for consumables, is free of any harmful chemical and should not contaminate the food products, when it comes in contact with them. Moreover, our packaging solutions are always manufactured using green technology. During the entire manufacturing process, our emphasis is laid on good aesthetic appearance of the packaging material, combined with the seal integrity and assurance of protection against light and moisture.

Types of structure, we offer:

  • 100 μ HD – LD – HDPE
  • 140 μ LD – HDPE
  • 110 μ LLDPE – BA – Nylon – BA – LLDPE
  • 20 μ BOPP / 50 μ LD – HD (or Cast PP or EAA)
  • 12 μ Polyester / 75 μ LD – HD
  • 12 μ Metalized Polyester / 100 μ LD – HD