Dairy Products

Dairy Products

There were times when milk was delivered from large cans directly to consumer’s utensils. As years passed, we saw many inventions evolving in the packaging of dairy products. Dairy products are particularly sensitive to light and change in temperature. Therefore, the material used in Dairy Products Packaging is selected with great caution to keep the freshness, taste and other useful properties of the products intact, in the best way.

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Dairy Products Packaging Company

which keeps all criterions in mind while selecting the packaging material for dairy products like it sustains thermal action, such as pasteurization, sterilization and frost. For pasteurized milk plastic pouches are generally made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE film). The new type of packaging has allowed milk to remain fresh for at least 14 days. During Dairy Products Packaging, the package should be leak and tamper proof, it should have sufficient wet strength and should not pass on any odour or taint to the product packed inside.

If we talk about packaging of butter, then we all know that it is made up of fat, due to the presence of this high moisture content, butter is susceptible to mold growth. The flavor and odour can easily be affected by absorption from other materials. It can also be spoiled due to coming into direct contact with oxygen and light. Therefore, Dairy Products Packaging Company commonly uses vegetable parchment paper to wrap the butter, as it is opaque and acts as a barrier against oxygen and foreign odours. Although, the parchment paper is greaseproof it does not provide a sufficient barrier to oxygen, hence, we at S. P Enterprises for superior product protection and for longer shelf-life use aluminum foil laminated to parchment or greaseproof paper.

Apart from Butter and Milk, S. P. Enterprises also deals in packaging of other dairy products like Ghee, which is low on moisture content. Due to this quality, ghee becomes less susceptible to microbial deterioration. However, the product needs to be protected from chemical spoilage and rancidity caused by oxygen, light, heat, moisture and metal ions. For packaging of ghee, S. P. enterprises uses laminates of polyester, Nylon-6 and high barrier materials such as EVOH and EVAL which provide prolong shelf-life to the product.

S.P. Enterprises does keep in mind that Dairy Products Packaging provides extended shelf life and value to food products. We are a Dairy Products Packaging Company providing flexible packaging solution for dairy products like Cheese, Yoghurt, Ice Cream, Milk, Ghee, Butter and Milk powder. The packaging is done keeping high quality standards and advanced technology in mind, which preserves the commodity from the time it is packaged till it is consumed. Our Dairy Products Packaging paper also protects the product against biological, chemical and distribution damages. Our packaging paper is economical, printable and has good sales appeal. Contact us today for high quality, flexible packaging solutions of your dairy products.