Bakery products normally have a very short life. There are many factors at work that determine their life as a whole and one of them particularly is packaging. The industry demands for quality

bakery products packaging

solutions that not only enhances their shelf life but also keeps them relatively fresh and fit for eating even after few days. Moreover, the packaging solutions used in packaging of bakery products must also be temperature resistant as well. There are host of many factors that are taken into consideration while packaging of bakery supplies, they are as follows:
  • Water vapor permeability of packs
  • Aroma impermeability
  • Resistance from seepage of oil and fatsPE
  • Oxygen exchange from within and outside
  • Protection from ultra violet radiations
  • Good printability
  • Compatibility and safety of the packages

S.P Enterprises is a leading name in manufacturing, export and supply of bakery packaging products.  We employ the best practices, from acquiring quality raw materials to adhering to international standards of quality; our products are used by leading corporate groups for their sheer character and printability features.

We provide range of bakery products packaging&lt solutions for Cakes, Pastries and Doughnuts in various sizes, shapes and forms. Bakery products are prone to mould growth, but the packaging paper offered at S.P Enterprises encourages less growth of mould in bakery products.

Since, bakery consumables have comparatively less shelf life and are high on moisture content, have high water activity therefore, the packaging solution needs to be made out of the best material in order to keep the flavor, aroma and color of the products intact. At, S.P Enterprises, we always strive to meet perfection and thus we are a known name in the market and have number of satisfied clients at our disposal. So, whenever you require bakery packaging products for your business look no further than us, your one stop shop for all packaging requirements.