Food Packaging

Food Packaging

S. P Enterprises is known for providing quality food packaging solutions across the country. We have carved a niche for ourselves in the domain having three decades of experience. Our food paper packaging solutions are manufactured using quality raw material and are kept under vigilant eyes of our quality control inspectors who take care of every benchmark and quality aspect.

We give you a number of reasons to choose us over others:

  • We offer best quality
  • Our packaging solutions control moisture
  • Our packages offer resistance against heat, grease etc…

We classify food packaging solutions into two broad categories:

Perishable Food

The food products that have perishable properties like butter, cheese, curd etc. are known as perishable food.  Butter & cheeses are the best example of food items that contain fats, when they come in contact with moisture and atmosphere, they lose their taste, color and aroma and hence it requires a quality food paper packaging material to keep all these intact.

Non-Perishable/Processed Food Items

Food items like Wheat Flour, Rice, Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Salt, Snack Foods, Chips, Noodles etc. can be termed as non-perishable foods as they have longer shelf life over other items such as curd or ghee but still they need quality packaging to further extend their life term.

SPE Flexibles serves food paper packaging solutions for both perishable & non-perishable food items so that they get an extended shelf life. Our packaging solutions also have tremendous seal integrity which prevents the food items from coming into contact with any impurities. All international standards are followed at our facilities; therefore we are the leading flexible food packaging company in India.

So, the next time whenever you require packaging related assistance, you know where to call.