Candy Wrappers/ Laminate

Candy Wrappers/ Laminate

Made up of concentrated sugar concoction, different flavors and added with many colorants, candy is undoubtedly the most popular and favorite confectionary item across ages and geographies. Available in different forms and varieties, like fruit candies, hard candies, chocolate bars, taffies, bubble gums, nuts glazed with sugar or chocolate syrup and marshmallows, candies also need to be packed in multiple sorts of quality packaging papers. S.P. Enterprises certainly qualifies as one such company engaged in manufacturing candy wrappers/laminates that not only enhances the physical appearance and marketability of such confectionary products, but also increases their shelf life by maintaining their original flavor, color and aroma intact.

Manufactured under close supervision of experienced professionals, our candy packaging solutions are extremely flexible to be used on high or low speed packing lines and are very durable to provide ease for shipping and distribution purposes. Designed to enhance your brand image with their outstanding glossy appearance, these candy wrappers also offer great resistance to moisture, dust, air, water and germs. Our collection of packaging materials includes non-biodegradable thin plastic films, transparent laminates, food safe soft aluminum foils and wax coated wrappers, which are known for their dead soft folding properties and ideal solutions for collation flow wraps, mini flow wraps and also for countlines.

Some of the salient features of our candy papers are:

  • Ultra low heat-seal threshold
  • High-speed packing performance
  • Resistance to contamination
  • Differential slip
  • Good seal integrity
  • Tolerance to deceleration and acceleration forces