Butter Wrap

Butter Wrap

Whether used as an edible taste enhancer, added condiment or as a spread layered over a variety of foods, butter forms an essential food item in our daily lives. This dairy product is generally added to various foods, while cooking or baking, to improve their taste and sometimes also used as a spread to soften up hard cheese bars. Packing of butter bars or slices calls for the most stringent measures, so as to preserve its taste and quality. Meet S.P. Enterprises, a reputed and professional company offering superior quality butter wrap papers as well as interleaver papers in the market.


butter packaging

solutions not only preserve accurate taste, color and aroma of butter, cheese and many other similar food products, but also possess high resistant to water, heat, grease, harmful UV rays and other external impurities. Many companies wrap a number of ready-to-eat food items, like butter cookies, beef pattys, deli meats, fish fillets, cheese slices, cookies and pizza dough in our airtight and brilliantly opaque butter wrap papers. The butter packaging laminates offered by us are known for their qualities, such as high coefficient of friction (COF), excellent flavor, odor and color barrier, good freeze release, food grade hygiene, great wet strength, stable stacking and sanitary handling.

We specialize in manufacturing an array of high grade packaging materials, including dead soft folding butter wrappers, food safe soft aluminum foils, water resistant waxed paper wraps and grease resistant interleaver papers. Catering to myriad food items packaging requirements, our moisture resistant interleaving packaging solutions are most functional substrate used for easily separating thick as well as thin slices of cheese, pizza dough, small butter bars, cookie dough and other similar products.