Case study III – How We Cracked the Deal For Fresh Yeast Packaging Products

Speflexibles has been supplying wrappers for packaging fresh compressed yeast for more than 20 years now. Fresh compressed yeast is actually a live bacteria which is used in bakeries for making dough for bread, cakes and other products which require fermentation. Fresh yeast has to retain right...
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Case Study II – Use of Twist Wrap Packaging

Candy wrappers are required to be non-sticky to avoid sticking to candies/ toffees packed inside them. Candy wrappers package individual candies and hence wrappers should show high degree of machinability which essentially means that they should be static free and should not curl inside the...
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Case Study I – Work for International Clients

We got a business inquiry for bread wrappers from East Africa. The brief was double side dip wax coated paper for wrapping bread loafs. This did not seem complicated as we had prior experience of supplying wax bread wrappers to Britannia Industries. We got an order for one container load of bread...
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National Seminar On Innovations in Food and Pharma Packaging

Indian Institute of Packaging organized a National Seminar in Hotel Eros Continental, New Delhi on 29th April 2011. The seminar was titled ” Innovations in Food and Pharma Packaging”. The objective of the seminar was to bring packaging material manufacturers, converters, machinery...
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Biodegradable Packaging

Plastic packaging is considered hazardous for environment, being a non-biodegradable packaging solution. It not only pollutes the environment but also leads to trapping of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, the need of the hour is to find an environment friendly solution like...
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